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A year ago some men and women were vigorously campaigning to be elected to serve the AME Church on a Connectional level as General Officers. I am just curious to know what happened to those who were elected to serve? The official website of the AME Church has not been updated with the new General Officers'information. I would like to recieve information on the connectional programs or ministries of the relevant General Officers. Unfortunately I am not able to attend the General Board meeting to receive their reports. Is somebody connected out there?? God Bless Rev. Gregory J. West

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2001


Dear Rev. West

You can find the names and particulars of those elected to General Office here on A.M.E. Today under the ABCs of AME which can be found by [clicking here] I will endeavor to bring the reports of the officers to the public as they become available. Thanks for visiting A.M.E. Today and thanks for your question. Rev. john

-- Anonymous, March 27, 2001

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