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Something for RDF and TLC to think about. Set up a 2 hour special to kick off the next series, 16 teams, winners go on to do the series as currently planned. Sixteen teams all building the same project, from identical materials, using the same tools, no experts. Just like a school project only on a larger scale, 8 or 10 hours to complete and tested the same day. This could be done with as many as 4 teams at once, since the overall build will be similar it wouldn't take as many cameras. I have an idea for a challenge project that I think would test the teams and make an interesting show, but, I won't lay it out here, in case RDF or TLC are interested.


-- JustJay-captain-Three Rusty Juveniles (, March 26, 2001



-- Dan Denney (, March 26, 2001.

Speaking of 2 hour specials.... How come we never got to see the Long Brothers vs. Megalomaniacs car crusher episode???

Melanie M.

-- Melanie M. (, March 27, 2001.

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