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Thanks for your input, the only thing that is different from what you are telling me, is that the 333d DOES HAVE the interchangeable module. One of the Sunpack dealers in my area showed me how to disconnect it, and that I could always use the module in another Sunpack flash. Sorry to throw a monkey wrench in that. So maybe there are some other features that I am not aware of? Thank you, Jefferson

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2001


Whoops... corrections needed

Sorry Jefferson,

Well, I just looked at a 333D on eBay and I guess I got my Sunpak model numbers mixed up. If your 333D has a little metal tab just inside the battery door that slides outward and allows the module to drop off, it is indeed one of the interchangeable ones (like the 322D, 422D & 444D, maybe others). I guess I'll never figure out Sunpak's numbering system!

Now I'm not 100% sure where it fits into the various size ranges. Perhaps the 333D was the successor to the 322D, the way the 444D was to the 422D. I know the 444 & 322 models pretty well, use both of those. I only have the user manual for the 444, however the controls on the back of the 333D look very similar. If you are curious about any particular function, drop me a note directly.

Alan Myers

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2001

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