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hi mike--- thanks again for all your lens tests...

i have one concern, though. i notice that for the 28/1.8 versus 3.5 test, you indicated that you use a microtek scanmaker e3. so, you are scanning from a print? i don't have to go into the issues pertaining to prints, so i won't. but, wouldn't tests based on film scans be more accurate?

also, the 3.5 you tested seems to be the later 28/3.5 with f/22 minimum aperature. so, to compare to the ealier f/16 with the extra element might be a more fair comparison.

i am happy to help perform tests on my film scanner (minolta dimage scan dual SCSI) if you think this would be helpful. i.e., i could verify your 28 results and your 50's results.

let me know.

your fellow konica enthusiast,

paul. (

-- Anonymous, March 25, 2001

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