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I have read with great interest what everyone has said about the Sunpack flashes, but no one has mentioned the 333d unit. I have one of these, and I am not sure of the differences between it and the 444d flash. Can one of the flash guru's tell me? I like the versatility of the unit, and it seems to have a slot to take different diffusers, but where do I find them? Sunpack kindly gave me the "brush-off" when I asked them about this flash. By the way, Mike, I would love to do a comparision between the 28mm/3.5 Hexar and the 28mm/3.5 Hexanon, just let me know the parameters. The Hexanon lens is an older version, with the EE markings, and the metal focus ring. Just a note, I finally did some portrait style shots of the kids with my T, and the 135mm/3.2 lens, and I am impressed. Thanks, Jefferson

-- Anonymous, March 25, 2001


Sunpak 333d

Hi Jefferson,

I'll take a stab at this question... correct me if I'm wrong, gang.

I think the 333d was a smaller version of the 433d. Both were "dedicated" flashes (actually the 433d is still avail.) These DID NOT have interchangeable modules (such as ARE avail. for the 422d, it's replacement 444d and the smaller 322d, not to be confused with the 322s which is a whole nother animal).

Basically, the 333d and 433d came with factory installed modules for specific camera brands. The 322d and 422/444d use similar, but interchangeable modules.

You should be able to get a snap/slip on filter holder and various lens fresnels and colored filters for that flash. I'm not 100% certain, but it may use the same filters/fresnels/diffusers as the 400 series. I just picked up a set of these at my favorite used camera store for $15 (for use on a 444d).

I would guess the guide number of the 333d at around 80 to 100.

Hope this helps.

Alan Myers

-- Anonymous, March 25, 2001

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