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I'm feeling really bad... My AE1Prog knows only one speed since tonight. I'm not sure, but it seems it always uses the 1/1000, even in B setting (the last thing I use). I tried to open it, but I can't remove the top black cover for the buttons and film advance lever, and of course the silver body under it. Any suggestion to open it?

Anyway, I figure it's an electronical problem... Good for the trash ? I'll try to find someone to repair it this week, but I guess it'll be desesperate...

Sad, sad, sad...

-- Nicolas Leste-Lasserre (, March 24, 2001


It looks like you're in France. If interested, you may try contacting Karl Aimo who does A-series camera CLA's--I don't know if he does repairs, but it can't hurt to ask. He has a very good reputation on site.

-- Joshua Martin (, March 26, 2001.

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