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(Bruce Dagel )

Elmarc gave this response on 3/23/2001: I looked at your page with IE, NN 7.76 and Opera 5.01. Each displayed virtually the same page. The background only satyed fixed with IE, because the attrribute bgproperties="fixed" is IE specific.

I am pleased to see a style sheet in use. To hold the background fixed, put all the attributes from your tag in your style sheet. Just add this:

body {background-image:url(images/butterbig1.jpg);color:#000000;b ackground-attachment :fixed} a:link { color: #808080} a:visited { color: #337AFD} a:active {color: #F2C8F2 }

then change your body tag to just .

Add the missing and tags. The table rows around the Internet Languages and Search Engines links are not closed. These missing tags alone can cause NN to refuse to display a page. Each version of NN has different quirks in this regard.

You also have: an extra


The coding for your table row which contains Art's Links and Roy's Links is scrambled. This is another area that can prevent NN from displaying anyting.

When I tried the changes I described, Opera eold the background fixed.

As expected, NN still refuses to do that. It was not implemented until NN6.

-- Anonymous, March 23, 2001


-- Anonymous, March 23, 2001

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