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Dear Camacho Family, I want to thank everyone for making my visit to California so special. I will start with thanks to Harold who came to the airport simply to welcome me and Christof with a big hug and great smile that meant a lot. We really enjoyed dinner with you and Cecilia despite there was no arroz con huevo y yucca frita!

It was so much fun to surprise Mom...the look on her face when she saw us in the driveway was worth every penny and every minute of the 20 hour flight! Thanks Elber for treating us to dinner on Friday night and to Ludim for organizing and making dinners, snacks and hosting us in your lovely home on Piedmont Lane I will miss that place. Thanks to Michelle for making cake with chocolate frosting.

Many memorable moments during the visit: holding, feeding and cuddling little Evan...Michelle and've done a great job! watching Gladiator on DVD in the master bedroom with Jon, Michelle, Evan and Christof all 5 of us on the bed! Mom and Tio Regulo telling stories about their was better than an Isabelle Allendes book! Kristina's surprise visit late on Saturday. The photo shoot session with Kim and Leslie and the digital camera. The look on Christof's face when I said I wanted a baby. The look on Michelle's face when she found out her father wasn't and when I asked Jon if he was.... Seeing Melissa in a long pale blue linen skirt and high heel sandals where is a camera when you need one? Eating arepas at Mom's with a Christof and Betty exclusive invitation. Getting my belly button pierced at Venice Beach..just kidding!

Had such a great time, love and miss you all!

-- Betty Camacho (, March 22, 2001


Yer Welcome!

It was wonderful getting to see you again. I learned so many new things. Some of them I can tell my Mom about, others I can't, unless my Mom is Ludim, in which case, it'd be okay, but my Mom isn't, so I won't :-) I'm glad you had a safe flight back. I wish it were possible just to drop by and see you whenever I wanted.... maybe someday. Now, if only I had somehow recorded that wonderful dinner conversation....

God bless, les

-- The Best Cousin, hands down, without doubt, yup that's me! (, March 28, 2001.

Yes, it was quite fun having you here!

Hi Tia Betty (and Christof)!

It was a blast having you guys here. Dinner conversation is usually pretty lively around our place, but you definitely took it up a notch or two. So, when are you coming back? :) Let me know, and I'll dress up even more next time.

By the way Cristof--the sun is shining here!

The favored niece, Melissa

-- Melissa (, April 06, 2001.

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