Looking for 11x14 back

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Hi Everyone,

My friend and I are in the process of completing a 16x20 camera and are looking for an 11x14 back to use as a reducer. I would certainly like to hear your suggestions on where to look. I've done quite a bit of hunting and with the exception of the odd Deardorff (not really appropriate for this beast) haven't had much luck. OTOH an old B&J back would be perfect.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


-- Kevin Kemner (kkemner@tatesnyderkimsey.com), March 22, 2001


I've seen several up for auction on Ebay in the past several months. If you haven't already found one, I'd keep an eye out there.

-- Jackie Poutasse (jpoutasse@spectrava.com), April 23, 2001.

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