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Hey! Lets all load up in a bus and go see RDF and see how things are coming along. Maybe we can offer some help to speed things up. Whos for a road trip?

-- Chris Phifer Team THEM (, March 21, 2001


we can offer to help them watch the tapes... shoot, I'll drive!!!

-- Robert (Team Bullwinkle) (, March 21, 2001.

I'll bring the tunes and get my shades.

-- Paul S (Team Triangulation) (, March 22, 2001.

I'll get the beer!!!

-- Ken Sklorenko (, March 22, 2001.

Hey, wait for me! I want to go too... Maybe what they need is someone to shout at them through a megaphone just like George/Robert does. Picture standing in the tape viewing room and announcing "Viewers, you have 1 hour of viewing time remaining. One hour"...."Viewers, it is officially 'time to panic'. You have 15 minutes remaining".... "Viewers, down your remote controls. Viewing time has expired. Go home and rest, tomorrow we create the short list!"

-- JC (Team Triangulation) (, March 22, 2001.

Your a brave soldier to donate the beer.. lol we know where your next few paychecks are going...... thanks for the offer.

-- Mitch (, March 22, 2001.

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