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My wife and I shall go to Milan from MA. via Boston-Newark-Milan We'd like to just take carry-on to save time and possible misplaced luggage. What are the current rules re: carry on on Continental-Altho it may actually be an Alitalia plane??? What are pluses and minuses of carry on only?

-- Joe Manning (, March 21, 2001


Joe! Pluses of carryon only--dare I repeat what Lani has said so eloquently already? ;) Minuses? None that I can think of.

My mom and I flew Continental through Newark to Rome 2/28/01, returning 3/8. Their limitations are the 45" rule. My mother had an 18" wheeled suitcase and a purse; I had a 20" Eagle Creek wheeled suitcase and a purse. All of it was carried on, with no problem. Both ways we were on Continental planes, though the return was a codeshare with Alitalia.

-- pam (, April 09, 2001.

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