Has anyone been brave enough to email RDF about the status?

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...just wondering 'cause I'm gettin' way antsy. I'm afraid to email because I'm sure they are swamped but I want so bad to know how things are progressing.

Please, RDF! Let us know something!

-- James R. Weeks--of The Lugnuts (jweeks@bayou.com), March 21, 2001


I have just posted the most up-to-date news on the front page of the junkyard wars website. Basically everyone who applied will hear in the 4-6 weeks. Sorry about the delay.

Good luck and happy waiting.

-- Andy Bell (andy.bell@rdfmedia.com), March 22, 2001.

Well James, Welcome to the "Wait" club. There is a whole group of us out here that are very slowly going crazy with suspense about who got on the short list. If you follow this message board on a daily basis you won't get an answer to your question, but you'll find you have plenty of company. If you do get RDF to give you a reply, post it on this board and you'll be the most popular JYW applicant. I have heard that they aren't replying to anyone right now due to the vast numbers of demo tapes they have to go through. Use this message board to vent your frustrations, bunches of other Junkies do!!! ken

-- Ken Sklorenko (the3rdwits@yahoo.com), March 21, 2001.

Ditto! Over and out!

-- Joey Falgout (Broadcast Junkies) (joeyinalexandria@hotmail.com), March 21, 2001.

We know how you feel. Everytime the suspence starts acting up, we sit down and enjoy a couple of beers. We don't remember much of the last 34 days! Just to let you all know that the suspence get's to us quite a bit. Hehe! The Alcolymians Good luck to all the teams!

-- Michel Morin (michel.g.morin@home.com), March 22, 2001.

Hey Michel, It's been 34 days? Wow, I must have killed a bunch of brain cells the past few weeks, I may have taken the "Beer Drinking To Forget" thing too far. Buy stock in Guinness, their sales will be going up some more for the next week or so. Good thing we start out with billions of brain cells....ken

-- Ken Sklorenko (the3rdwits@yahoo.com), March 22, 2001.

It only kills the weak cells. Thanks for the update Andy.

-- Waddy Thompson (cthomp3851@aol.com), March 22, 2001.

Well everyone, check the Junkyard Wars Homepage. They've updated it! It looks like we have another 4-6 weeks of waiting. Just to make the time past faster I'm inviting everyone over for a couple of cold ones. Complements of The Alcolympians. As well, it'll take your mind away from the fact that they have to eliminate roughly 1000 applicants down to 8 teams. (Yes you saw that right, close to 1000 applications were submitted.) Good luck to all! Michel Morin P.S. I appologize if I've accidentally posted this twice.

-- Michel Morin (michel.g.morin@home.com), March 22, 2001.

The brewskis don't work. I've found that sipping Jack Daniel's (strictly for medicinal purpose) help's quite a bit. Is anyone else kicking them selves in the ass for not doing a better on their video after reading this. I know that I am! Mike

-- Mike Waldo (grtwaldini@aol.com), March 24, 2001.

I don't know about doing a better video. I think everyone went in the same direction and had essentially the same ideas. We all read the same application format, saw how long of a video they required and then did what we thought was right. Now that I've seen that there are many similar application videos, I believe that it may be a contributing factor in the delay of selecting the teams. It makes their decision making that much harder. We like our video. I wouldn't change it. Not yet anyways. It's strait to the point, funny and original in it's own way! (Just like 900 +/- other videos.) Patience is it's own reward and power to the better team. P.S. If we're not selected, then we'll make a better video. Hehe!

-- Michel Morin "The Alcolympians" (michel.g.morin@home.com), March 25, 2001.

we made our vidio then watched it it was good but we thought it would look like everyone elses so we made a different one that was totally off the wall it will get noticed!!!!check it out at the serious cigars website im sure there are no others like ours also we sent in the serious vidio too but noted which one to watch first the zany one of course!!! i think they want creativity and we supplied http://www.seriouscigars.com/jyw/

-- NORTHERN STARS (mr.chev@home.com), March 25, 2001.

Well fellow applicants, I would think that RDF has their hands full right now just doing basic research on the credibality of the applications. After that I would imagine they would want to place a personal phone call to the captain to see exactly how thin their teams shit is. After all, there's really not that many people that realize exactly how short 10 hrs are when your trying keep everyone on the same page and get this thing built. These things alone are enough to dictate a gag order, if you will. I just hope that they realize that time is growing short and the more advance notice they can give the easier it is for teams to coordinate and adjust schedules. Good Luck to All, Mike The Race Wrecks

-- Mike Waldo (grtwaldini@aol.com), April 01, 2001.

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