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Has anyone gotten this to work? After seeing that BRILLIANT, godlike Dodonpachi inp, I can't wait to see this!

-- Neovalis (, March 20, 2001


If you want to know Brilliant,godlike play, study Japanese and ask a question at there.
marpers can not help you.
I own 99,999,999 points video tape with nomiss 6 levels clear and 53,000 hit combo.
it is not so inferior than do-donpachi's one.if you want to see I can send it.

-- outsider (, March 21, 2001.

Not to dis japanese players but the other japanese player besides you Hisa, Ashume Rainflower has consistantly used turbofire on recordings submited to marp and there are turbofire recordings on japanese sites that would be illegal at marp. At least marpers are restricted by no turbo fire usage and no slowdown usage. Once mamete is all set up, and japanese players record with it (so we can verify if no cheating is going on) then i'll bow down to the japanese kings you guys probably are. but untill then don't dis marpers Hisa.

-- Chad (, March 21, 2001.

Enough with the arrogance already Hisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of us are getting downright sick of your continuing insistence that MARP scores are all inferior and could never be as good as the Japanese score. Some of us could give a rats tit what the Gamest record on a game is - particularly given that a lot of Japanese arcade machines are fitted with auto-fire by default.

Please kindly tone down the "Japanese are better than the rest" attitude in your postings and presenting the image that we'll never be as good on any game as you guys. Some of us have more to do with our lives than play 1 game till it bores us stupid !!!!!!


-- BeeJay (, March 21, 2001.

The last message of MARP.
I do not say Japanese are supior than others.
we just have more informations,tricks,tips,good pattern(like the safety spot of the 8th boss of RAIDEN).
Where is from the GAMES of MARP??
more than 96% of games which mame applies are made in Japan.
published millions of books of tips and tricks.
I own 10s of thousands of books and 200 games boards and roms,can obtain 1000 or more roms.(but not enough to qualify at the knockout)
it is no wonder ABC-uploader has no possible way to beat indeed good players.
beejay,is this fact insults marpers? is just the difference of "HOW TO ENJOY"
I am far from the good player (fortunately,we have opportunity to see indeed good players play can understand i am not humble but only know the REAL)but only know "HOW TO PLAY".
very unfortunately,MARP indeed loves ABC-uploader like Vaz. but they never understand "WHAT IS THE GAME"and "EXCELLENT IS BEAUTIFUL","SEEK EXCELLENT IS VERY FUN".
current marp style create ABC-up loader.that style is insult for good games.
sorry for my poor language.
but you will never see DAMN english at here.

-- outsider (, March 22, 2001.

Mr Chan, MARP has never been about getting the biggest, bestest (sic), most unbeatable high scores. It's never been about beating games perfectly, and publishing tips and tricks on how to do it in a games magazine. It's never been about arrogance, bitching and whining. It's about FRIENDLY COMPETITIVENESS in arcade games amongst a group of like minded people. Sure, I may not be as superior in videogames as your godly self or others like you. But never in my 3 years in MARP have I seen such an arrogant hothead such as yourself. In fact, I'm glad you've left MARP. You can take your Gamest records, your arrogance and your Japanese pride and shove it up your rising sun ass. Sayonara bitch.

-- JSW (, March 23, 2001.

Applause to Oz.


-- JoustGod (, March 29, 2001.

Well, well, I take a look at this board after 4 months and what do I see? Mr. Humble Guy and his last message! I'm very glad you lef.. ehm, mentioned me here, gaijin, and I'm glad to have your opposite style. I (used to) upload scores just for fun/leech points from BBH, NOT to show the world how superior I am with shooters (actually, I'm not).

To tell the truth, you were one of the (real) reasons I left MARP; your behaviour used to make me so sick I had to turn off the monitor after reading your hitler-style claim of god-like otaku playing.

Strange how you once were worshipped and now you have anyone against. Maybe you left because you felt you weren't anymore the True King of the Inferior Japanese Colony, once called MARP?

-- Vaz (, April 10, 2001.

opposite style.
legal <> illegal. yes. you are right. I think hitler is European same as you (not me).

-- opposite of VAZ (, April 11, 2001.

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