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Hello everyone, I need to know some interesting facts about the symbolism in "The Masque of the Red Death". I need to write a paper over it by tommorow. I have some pretty good ideas about the rooms, clock, Death, ect. But any Masque of the Red Death Scholars want to breif me about any interesting symbolism messages, go at it. Thanks alot.

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2001


The masque of the red death mainly symbolizes Poe's fear of Tuberculosis. Seeing as how everyone in his life that means something to him dies of it i.e. Mother, surrogate mother, adoptive mother, brother, wife. Poe is also a monstrous fan of Byron, who with Shelly, and Coleridge created a symbolistic/romantic style of writing poetry. In his story "Red Death" he also indicates his resentment of aristocracy's tendancy to avoid plagues via wealth.

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2001

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