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I found an old pack of "Kodaline industrial paper". What the hell is that? Transparancy? It's written "non-ortho" on the cover, with code "C" How to develop it? in normal B&W paper developer or in lith one?


-- xosni (xosni@gega.net), March 20, 2001


I am not sure either. but because it is "non-ortho" I would think that it would be panchromatic (not lithographic).

If I were to guess, it is a low contrast paper used to copy film full- tone images to paper, so later they can be photographed with screens with half tones for press.

Try starting with plain old D-76 and try Dektol from there, you're bound to get some thing.

-- anno k (sk_arts@hotmail.com), February 15, 2002.

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