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I have a 24mm Promaster Konica lens I'm selling and somebody wishes to know if it is a K mount lens. My lens fits my FT1 and has AE mode on the aperature ring. Is it a K mount lens? I guess I need a lesson on mount terminology for Konica lenses. I have seen the terms K mount, F mount, K/AR mount used. What gives with each term.


David S Smith

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2001


K mount, F mount, K/AR mount

K mount - Generally refered to as a Pentax K mount or Pentax Bayonet Mount. Also called PK mount.

F mount - Konica's First SLR Mount (not compatible with K/AR Mount). Konica FM, FP, F, & FS only

K/AR mount - Konica Second (and last) SLR Mount. (not compatible with F Mount). Konica Autoreflex to FT-1

Does this help?

Mike. The Photography Blue Book http://photobluebook.virtualave.net/

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2001

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