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Build a steam engine and boiler to turn the coffee mills used in the windmill episode. Enough with the cannons. 3 shows is too much.

-- David Sweet (, March 19, 2001


...because doing challenges twice, like say, a steam engine or a coffee grinder, wouldn't be too much.

-- Rick (, March 20, 2001.

So the entire Industrial Revolution was based on what? Just six machines? And JYW has done them all- TWICE? Come on, there's got to be something they haven't built- That they could build! Think! Think!

-- Chip Haynes (, March 20, 2001.

Build machines capable of making machines...

-- Dan Denney (, March 20, 2001.

HEY!!!!!!! How about batteling robots%&#&(*^%*&^&(^(* don't mind me im just cracking from the strain of waiting to hear from RDF.

THE MADD SCRAPPERS ARE READY TO RUMBLE, OR NOT, BUT EITHER WAY WERE READY. SO HOW ABOUT IT RDF? TALK TO US, even a little update as to where you're at in the selection process would keep some of us out here from a nervous breakdown. thanks

-- joe perdue (, March 21, 2001.

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