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Our application has caught the attention of local media. A newspaper is coming to interview and take pictures tomorrow (March 20) and a local t.v. station on the next day.

If I can get permission to post the outcome I will.


-- Ron Walker (Canadian ACES) (rwalker@flemingc.on.ca), March 19, 2001


Good luck guys it's a blast when the media starts watching you !!! we have had 2 tv interviews & 2 newspaper articles already,We are not sure but the sun might be coming too.

-- Joe Schwartzentruber (jdswelding@home.com), March 20, 2001.

Way to go, guys! There have been ads on a Toronto radio station asking for Canadian teams to all a 1-800 number to apply for the show. I hope that means our submissions have a good chance of getting on the short list. Dave Sansom, Canadian, Eh? Team

-- Dave Sansom (david.sansom@sympatico.ca), March 21, 2001.


I haven't heard the adds since I listen to CBC radio which doesn't have advertising. Has this been recent? I find it hard to believe they'd be advertising after the deadline when they say they have had hundreds of applications. And Canada seems well represented on the list of teams who admit applying. Cool if they are though.

Catchya L8r

-- Ron Walker, Canadian ACES (rwalker@flemingc.on.ca), March 21, 2001.

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