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OK, Jeff has been busy getting us back online. After being kicked off twice by Tripod (does anyone know if the Tripod administrator has a team application going ?), we've moved addresses. The new site is:

This will work with or without a slash on the end.

Good luck to all. Hope to see some of you soon (and hoping Ron is forced to wear overalls.)

-- Paul S (, March 19, 2001


Something weird seems to have happened to your quicktime movie. Only half a meg seems to be there.

Nice intro. You look scary.

-- Uncle Orange (, March 20, 2001.

The file got corrupted, presumably during the ftp to the server. I have replaced it with a Realmedia file that looks much better.

As for the "scary" comment... I wish I had not shaved off my 2 inch long goatee a few months ago. Even people that knew me said that it made them uncomfortable.

-- JC (, March 20, 2001.

give me some go kart plans or else

-- thomas william kuro (, December 13, 2003.

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