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I hope you have some information about Lewis William Stern, the men behind the intelligence quotient (IQ). I have to write an essay about him and it is very hard to get some information about him. So I hope you can help me. Thanks anyway. Greetz Renate from Holland

-- Renate Bergsma (Runnybb@hotmail.com), March 19, 2001


There is a little information about him in Raymond E. Fancher's _Pioneers of Psychology_ (3rd ed., pp. 420-421). A very good general reference for this sort of biographical material is the Encyclopedia of Psychology, published by APA and Oxford last year (I think). Your university library may have a copy.

-- Christopher Green (christo@yorku.ca), March 19, 2001.

There's a chapter on William Stern by James Lamiell in Volume II of Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology (edited by Kimble, Boneau, and Wertheimer). Here are a few other references:

Allport, G. W. ( 1937 ). The personalistic psychology of William Stern. Character & Personality; A Quarterly for Psychodiagnostic & Allied Studies. 1937 5 231-246 . Allport, G. W. ( 1938 ). William Stern: 1871-1938. American Journal of Psychology. 1938 51 770-773 . Frost, Dean; Wesley, Frank ( 1988 ). William Stern: An historical model of a generalist. Psychology: A Journal of Human Behavior. 1988 Vol 25(3-4) 9-13 . Kreppner, Kurt ( 1992 ). William L. Stern, 1871-1938: A neglected founder of developmental psychology. Developmental Psychology. 1992 Jul Vol 28(4) 539-547 . Lamiell, James T.; Deutsch, Werner ( 2000 ). In the light of a star: An introduction to William Stern's critical personalism. Theory & Psychology. 2000 Dec Vol 10(6) 715-730 .

Hope this helps!


-- Nicole B. Barenbaum (nbarenba@sewanee.edu), March 26, 2001.

There is a complete bibliography of W. Stern. The exact reference is:

Eva Michaelis-Stern, William Stern (1871-1938). Bibliographie, Jerusalem 1971. Anlaesslich der Gedenkfeiern zum 100. Geburtstag in Hamburg und Jerusalem

Good Luck!

-- Renato Foschi (renatofoschi@hotmil.com), April 18, 2001.

May I add that the name is:

Louis William Stern, not Lewis William Stern. In his early publications he signs as: L. William Stern, later simply William Stern. In the nineteenth century it was not at all uncommon in Germany to use foreign spelling for first names, in his case instead of "Ludwig Wilhelm Stern" the French-English-German Louis William Stern.

Horst Gundlach

-- Horst Gundlach (gundlach@uni-passau.de), October 22, 2001.

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