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I use a Pioneer dv636d and have just recently been given three VCD's my friend bought me in Malaysia. Unfortunately, the VCD's are all playing very unusually they play for a few seconds, freeze, then play for a few seconds, then freeze etc...

I have been told that the same VCD's have been played on another machine (unknown) successfully.

I hope someone is able to help and it's just a setup problem.

Thank you.

Colin Miller

-- Colin Miller (, March 19, 2001


I found on the net this same problem. The answer given was:

---- Pioneer DV-636 Disc: ALL Video CD's (Region N/A) Problem: The player plays approx. 6 seconds and stops - then another 6 seconds, etc... same for original & cdr/rw vcd's. Solution: Use Cyrus CDR's ---

The only problem is that I carn't find Cyrus CDR's in the uk. Anyone know what other CDR/CDRW's work? Like u, its driving me round the bend.

-- Tigger Jim (, January 19, 2002.


Early DV-636D are faulty, so if yours does not play VCD's, then take it back and get a newer shipped version. The older ones can be fixed, since I got a mail off someone who had theirs fixed.

Basically, their is a bug/problem with early DV-636D's which HAS been fixed in latter shipped versions.

Good luck to everyone, since this is a fantastic DVD player.

-- Tigger Jim (, September 14, 2002.

Does anyone know where I can get mine modified in the UK?

-- Danny Field (, January 09, 2004.

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