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What do people in Hawaii drink?

-- Laura Birchley (Lauramarty@aol.com), March 19, 2001


I'm not sure what you mean by that question. Could you be more specific, i.e., coke, pepsi, wine, beer? Are you asking what is the most popular?

-- Roy Inouye (roy@bothi.com), March 19, 2001.

Good question... I'm asking the same thing!

You see, my 18th party is gonna be Hawaiin-based, and I wanted to know what kind of drinks to serve. Tropical, Hawaiin drinks-none of this coke & pepsi crap

-- Splsah Thorpe (happygal_1986@yahoo.com.au), November 28, 2003.

we drink the same thing you guys drink... it isn't that different...

-- ashley (kAw3n1_07@hotmail.com), January 12, 2005.

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