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Hi! My name is Ari and this year I just started a private high school. I have been in public school for almost all the rest of my education. I went to private school because I like smaller classes and the public high school is huge, over 3,000! (As are most public high schools.)My new school is all girls which was a draw back at first but I am getting used to it by now and its kind of nice being able to go to school in your pjs and not really caring about what you look like. In America we have three schools; elementary which is usually kindergarten to fifth or sixth grade, middle school for sixth or seventh to eigth or ninth and high school from then to twelfth grade. Do you and other friends in Israel have different schools for different grades? Do you have private and public schools? Do you have coed and/or all girls or all boys school?

-- Anonymous, March 18, 2001

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