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Howdy all! I,ve been busier then a fatmans fork at a smorgasboard of late but still find time to watch this bbs,agw and lately htc bbs.Without a major upgrade it looks like i won,t be playin, no wbIII, but such is life i guess:^\ I,m hopin' that with spring on its way work will slow down a bit and i can tryout AH.i did the free 2 weeks last year sometime. I wonder if i can try that again.Owell either way it sounds like the sim for the finacially challenged;}.Who knows,i just read a post on agw that a p233 ran WBIII,with a couple hundered meg ram upgrade i may get it to run on this dinosaur of mine. At any rate chow fer now8*] Dukers out!!!

-- Dukers (, March 18, 2001

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