FD 135 F2.5 vrs. F2.8

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Friends, other than the obvious (breech mount vrs. new mount, F2.5 vrs. F2.8 maximum aperture), have any of you found any noticeable differences in the pictures taken with these two lenses? ABC Camera Brokers here in northwestern suburban Chicago has one of each. Bigoted, not very humble opinions are welcome.


- Michael B.

-- Michael Bechtold (wmichaelb@aol.com), March 17, 2001


Ask if you can shoot both lenses. Shoot the same shot with each lens from wide open to moderately stopped down. Then compare the results, pick the lens that does the best job.

I suggest slide film for the test, and a tripod.

There could be more differences than just the overall design. The "better" lens, could be a lemon of that model.

-- Terry Carraway (TCarraway@compuserve.com), March 18, 2001.

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