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There have been posts off and on about getting digital prints of either black and white or color LF photos.

Cone Editions is one of a select group of companies that seem to have some success with this. Another is Nash Editions (CSNY member Graham Nash is one of the owners), and Photobition Seattle (formerly Ivey Seright). Cone and Nash offer Iris inkjet prints on a 3047G - I'm not sure of Photobition.

An interesting article about Cone Editions (and some of their products) appears in an article on their site from from Digital Fine Art magazine Spring 1999. The article is entitled Photography's New Wave.

It makes for interesting reading - and shows what opportunities may lay ahead.

I might add that Cone has a separate business called, which sells various printing inks and papers, many geared toward fine art editions of photographs (and digital originals, too).


-- Alan Agardi (, March 17, 2001


I forgot the link to the article - DECOR-Magazine-Art-Feature.html

This page also contains a pulldown menu of Quick Links that can lead to Articles about Cone Editions - some of which are quite interesting. The Quadtone inksets that Jon Cone has invented are discussed, as are the impressive results that have been achieved with it.

Sorry for the botched post.


-- Alan Agardi (, March 17, 2001.

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