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I have used most available Video CD burners (Nero, Adaptec and Click-n-Burn Pro) and have a couple dozen coasters to show for it. I convert the clip to MPG with the AVI2VCD utility then use any ov the 3 tools to create the disk, then try to play it on my new Sony DVP-C660. It looks at the disk and never recognizes it as a Video CD. I can play the MPG file on the disk w/Media Player, so I'm confident the .mpg file is fine, just the DVD player doesn't even try to play it. Has anyone been here before and can you help? A couple questions: 1) What is a CD-R valid DVD player (same as VCD compatable?) and 2) How do I the cd session?

-- Mick Prue (, March 17, 2001


I have a Sony DVP series DVD/VCD player. It doesn't play anything that is burned. You need to buy another one such as APEX that say CD- R and CD-RW compatible

-- xymox (, March 17, 2001.

You need to use CDRW and not CDR. Sony C660 doesn't support CDR, only CDRW. You also need to make sure you created a VCD 2.0 Compliant CD. If it works under Media Player, doesn't guarantee it will work in a DVD Player.

-- Simon (, March 18, 2001.

NONE of the new Sony DVD players WILL play CD-R media and plays CD-RW unreliably at best. Yes, we've all been there before. Your VCD may be okay. Try perusing for at least a start on which DVD set-top plays or doesn't play CD-R. People SHOULD STOP patronizing Sony DVD set-tops UNTIL Sony comes out with a believable answer as to why their first-gen players could read CD-Rs and new ones don't. Of course it's Sony's prerogative not to say anything; it's just as true it's everyone else's prerogative NOT to buy Sony DVD players.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, March 18, 2001.

Re: Sony DVP series play CD-RW unreliably at best. I'm looking after 8 DVP-S360s which have been playing CD-RW VCDs for 8 hours a day for over 2 months.



-- Al M (, March 18, 2001.

Maybe the 360 is a first-gen Sony with dual optical pickups. That's a nice thing. Either way, CD-RW IS still around 500% more expensive than CD-R. For a prospective new DVD player buyer/user who has a view to using recordable media of any strength and capability, why stoop down and limit himself to only CD-RW when he can have the other as well? Just because it's a Sony?

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, March 19, 2001.

I'm having the same problems making a viewable VCD, except that the Sony DVD player I have tried won't read most discs at all. However, I'm having better luck with CD-RWs written at slower speeds (4x, 2x); I have no idea why. CD-RWs are dropping in price dramatically, but it's annoying that Sony can't fix this.

-- Ken in Alberta (, March 19, 2001.

Sony WON'T fix it because the whole thing is INTENTIONAL. Their first- generation DVD set-tops could and would reliably read CD-R/RW, thanks to a dual-optical pickup, whose evidence they proudly emblazoned on the set-top's front panel. Why they made a remarkable 180 degree turn in stark contrast to others (like Pioneer and JVC, whose DVD players couldn't read CD-R/RW before but now very well can) they are mum about. Finding which CD-RW a latest Sony DVD player will read or not is like chopping of a toe so that the foot fits into a certain shoe. Just as we find a shoe to fit instead of chopping off a toe, we find a DVD player that will read CD-R/RW instead of finding which CD-RW a Sony will recognize.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, March 20, 2001.

These are couple of a responses I got back from Sony.

Thank you for contacting SONY.

Sony DVD players will play commercially produced VCDs available in retail music stores.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of assistance.

The SONY Internet Group Customer Information Services Center CU55

Thank you for contacting SONY.

All Sony CD/DVD units are designed to play only commercially-produced and copyrighted CDs with the exception of the following Sony products: * some of the 2000 Sony Mobile Xplod products * G-protection Portable CD Walkman manufactured after September, 2000 * DVP-S7000 (1997) and the current DVP-S7700 DVD Player

These units are not designed to be compatible with CDs that are produced on a CD-ROM or other recording unit. It is possible that some of them may work, but they are not designed to do so.

We can not guarantee compatibility due to the reflective properties of CD-ROM media (it is different from pre-recorded CD's), and the different laser wavelength requirements of CD-ROM media.

If you are able to play commercially-produced CD's in the unit, the unit is working up to factory specifications.

The answers to many customer questions may be found at:

Thank you for the opportunity to be of assistance.

The SONY Internet Group Customer Information Services Center CVD4

-- Mark Kenefick (, March 24, 2001.

I have a Sony DVD-player 7200 serie and I can see my created VCD on it. Just try to burn with 2x speed or 1x speed. I burn with Nero 5.0 and Win On CD 3.7

-- Bocben (, March 30, 2001.

Re:DVP series sony player I have DVP-S350 DVD\VCD\CD player and it plays my homemade VCD's with CD-R as well as CD-RW no problem! :-) I have my VCD'S on CD-R media.

-- chris (, April 17, 2001.

The Sony Reference DVD Player (DVPS7700), which lists around $1,000, specificially states compatibility with the Video CD format. None of the less expensive models make this claim.

All of my tests so far using CD-R media and the Sony DVPS360 result in the deck diplaying "NO DISC."

-- James Ballard (, April 17, 2001.

CD-RW isn't that much more than regular CD-R so long as you buy a few. The fact that you can build your own vcd/svcd/xvcd/sxvcd/mini- dvd is more than acceptable cause to buy a whole spindle of re- writables.

-- Nigel (, May 08, 2001.

For those of you that are frusterated that some Sony DVD players don't play CD-R media, Princo is the answer. I tried many different brands of CD-R with no success. Princo brand is the only one that has worked for me. I haven't found them in stores, but they are available for order off the internet. I have only tried one type of Princo disc (16x, Silver/Blue, 80min.) but I am assuming that all of their media works just fine.

-- Rob Koll (, May 11, 2001.

I was given a VCD disc to watch on my PC it was so good i took it home to watch again...Just took a chance and popped it in my DVD player and bingo it fired up without a problem..I only spent 270.00 for my Sony DVP-NS700P and would not trade it for the world...Anyone has the right to slam sony but I went from a diehard Hitachi fan for many years..Until this year Sony has my full support.... Thank You.

-- rocco (, December 14, 2001.

I've read the thread on this question to date and am getting the numbed feeling that I've been had by Sony. I've got a Sony DVP-S360 player. I burned a couple of slide shows using Ulead Photo VCD, one of which was to a CompUSA CD-R, the other of which was to a Verbatim CD-RW.

The Sony player keeps giving me a "No disk" error on the CompUSA CD- R, which is consistent with the prior messages in this thread. When I insert the Verbatim CD-RW slide show and hit "Play", I get an on- screen (TV) message "VCD Player Required. Please turn on PBC to show photos". Yet, the DVP-S360 manual gives no guidance on how one "turns on" PBC; it merely says to insert the VCD and hit "Play" and seems to assume that PBC will be on. Is there something else I must do to enable PBC on the Sony DVP-S360?

Since it recognizes a disk is there, I still have hope it will work if I can just overcome my ignorance on how one turns on PBC. Obviously, I'm a newbie at this so please bear with me.

-- John Sterling (, December 31, 2001.

This is to correct a part of my prior message. The on-screen error message I get when I insert the Verbatim CD-RW is "VCD 2.0 Player required. Please turn on PBC to show photos." I had left out the "2.0" version number.

-- John Sterling (, December 31, 2001.

I have not tried VCD's on my DVP-S360 machine. HOWEVER, I am getting No Disk Errors all the time while playing store bought DVDs. One look at the product reviews of this model at sites such as and it will come as no surprize that a secondary feature of this DVD player (and series) fails to work. A horrible product.

-- Dave Miller (, March 20, 2002.

I got CD-RW VCD's to play on my Sony DVP-S350 but it would not play CD-R. I now have a problem tho. After watching about 3/4 of a 2 cd movie I burned, the video stopped. I ejected the cd-rw and turned it off. Several days later when trying to use the DVD player it will not eject the cd tray. Power turns on for just a second and then powers off into standby mode. Anyone have any ideas?

-- Shane (, March 26, 2002.

Um... I have a DVP-NS700P - the silver progressive scan model. I don't know what you all are griping about VCDs for - it plays VCDs FINE. No problem with that at all. CD-R and CD-RW.

The only problem I have is that I can't get it to play SVCDs. To their credit, Sony never claimed this unit could play SVCDs. But I think it should be able to. It's just MPEG2. I've heard that SVCDs on Sony require CD-RW. I've tried that though; no luck. Anybody able to make SVCDs work?

-- Monique laCroix (, May 19, 2002.

Can't u read mlacroix? R u some kind of idiot?

-- Daveyboy2000 (, June 18, 2002.


After making a large series of coasters trying to get VCD's to work, I stumbled upon the secret. Use the CD-Rs that are silver on silver. These work great, and are available in packs of 25 at CompUSA and AccessMicro.

-- William Boatman (, January 01, 2003.

i think the problem is related to one of the layer's coating but,dont ask me,whicone. anyways,i have tried princo( "budget" model-the cheapest one:) at all speeds up to 48x, it worked with my stupid sony dvp.fixed on the subject;i tried the vcd's(7of them;recorded in different speeds) on 6 different models of sony and 3 phillips at a dvd player showroom.-i told them i am going to buy one:)-.all was O.K. i wanted to let u know. if u already have sony,do try princo,if u dont,dont ever:)

-- hakan nebioglu (, January 02, 2003.

Just wanted to let people know that I have finally found a cd-r which will work in this player. I have had success with Cicero brand 700mb 40x cd-r media. It takes a few extra seconds to recognize that there is something on the disc, but I have successfully burned a VCD (SVCD using the Header Trick) and a music cd using Roxio EZ-CD Creator 5 Platinum.

I can't say if it works with other Cicero brand discs, but I'm REALLY HAPPY I found these.

I have been unable to successfully use the STOP and PLAY trick with other cd-r media to date.

Hope this helps those of you "stuck" with one of these players.

Cicero brand media is available at Future Shop (at least in Canada).

-- Ken Jones (, January 11, 2003.

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-- joe (, February 12, 2003.

I haave Sony NS700V - It will play CDR CDRW VCD and SVCD.

Am I just lucky?

-- Charles (, March 16, 2003.

I have a Sony DVP-C660 and this is what I have found out so far. CD- RW's work fine except for Memorex, crap .. don't use them. Very faulty.

As with most sony players, CDR's don't generally work .. though I have found ones with a light blue / or aqua playing surface work awesome (silver top).. these discs are usually cheaper because of the cyanine dye (supposedly they only have a live expectancy of about 20 to 50 years) Some of the brands that I have confirmed personally are Prime, Mr. Platnum, .. and supposedly Cirero, Princo and STI digital media are supposed to all work .. but ... the real truth is to use disks that have a light blue/ aqua surface .. That is the KEY!

-- gil (, May 26, 2003.

y anyone would by a sony dvd deck is beond me most are still at around 200$. and wont play much more then dvds. the reson behind this it not hard to understand as they make alot of cds and dvds. just go down to wall-mart and by a 70$ player and i bet it plays anything no prob. i just got a ncent dvd played for 65$ and it plays ever thing i have ever put in it. i had a disk with half mp3s and half jpg pics. it played both no prob now thats a player.and half the price of the cheepest sony. sony sucks 4 dvd players if you aer bying a walkmam get a sony if u need a dvd player get anything but.

-- bob dobbs (, June 02, 2003.

I have a DVD sony mod. 535 and only read CDs Princo does any other CD- r or CDRW can be read in this dvd

-- jM flores (, September 22, 2003.

i was able to burn a mpeg video to vcd with a recent version of nero. it played in my sonty ns330, but the sound as of fase with the image.

-- Joao Batista (, November 17, 2003.

How can i burn VCD to play in my Sony 536? I've tried several times with a CD-RW but the results are the same "NO DISC"

-- Nuno Rodrigues (, November 20, 2003.

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