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I just received a very nice Konica Hexanon AR 200mm f3.5 ..... except that it looks like someone intentionally took sandpaper to the front element. Otherwise the lens is almost mint. Does anyone know where to get a new front element? Or have a 200mm with the back end smashed? Or a lens they dropped in the ocean or.....? It is a later model with 200 and AE on the aperture ring.

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2001


Lens repair

Hi Dave,

That Hexanon 200/3.5 is one of my favorite lenses! Talk about hefty and well built! Takes beautiful pics! Wish it had a tripod mount, tho...

I would suggest you first try Greg Weber, Strauss, K&S... all the usual Konica repair folks, who may have a spare element. Easy job to swap out, IF you can find one! I've heard good stuff about a lens repair specialist in Colorado, too... The Focal Point,

For more than a few $ they can repair/recoat/recement many lenses, I guess! They handle collectible Leica work, which can be pretty demanding.

Unfortunately, I think the front element is the part of any lens most likely to be damaged, so may be hard to find a replacement part. But who knows if you don't ask around! I'm in the same predicament with a Hexanon 35/2.0. You'll need to balance the cost of repair against the cost of replacement. Don't know what you spent on your lens, but I paid less than $100 for a 200/3.5 which I would grade 9+ (looks unused, optically perfect). I have seen this lens sitting on a shop shelf in mint condition for up to $175 (emphasis on "sitting", not selling at that price), seen "users" go for $60.

Hope this helps!

Alan Myers San Jose, Calif.

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2001

Nasty Divorce (When isn't it?)

Dave, Crazy as it may sound, but I read on Monaghans lens page where someone had gone to their opticans and had a new front element made-up. Whether he had it coated or not I don't recall, but he was more than pleased w/the results. Worth checking out??? Dave

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2001

Nasty Divorce ( a continous saga)

Dave, I checked dealers web sites that carry "as is" items and came up empty-handed. I found the posting re: the replacement of the lens element and he did have one made-up from his local optician for $40,but it was for a inner element that he had broken while he was cleaning his lens of fungus. Considering that you can buy a 200 3.5 on ebay for an average price of $76 it probably isn't worth trying to repair it. Whatever your decision, Good luck. Dave

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2001

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