Edit Macros for InterDev?

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I would like to run edit macros in InterDev (Visual Studio 6). Seeking a plug in or enhancement. As a workaround, I'm writing a set of Word macros that access the local web files, makes a copy which is not read-only, opens it as a text file, runs the edit macro, saves it and copies it back to the read-only file in the local web page directory, then sends a copy by ftp up the web (bypassing the source control system--risky). By automating this I can apply an edit macro across a whole directory of files with one click. If anyone knows a better way, please describe! The best you can do in InterDev is apply a find & replace across all open files, but I do not wnat to have 50 files open to make a global change, and I need more than just find & replace.

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2001

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