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Not a question (this time!) but a THANK YOU to all those who have offered advice over the last few months, especially on the subject of the darkroom. I have finally finished my darkroom and have kitted it out (following advice offered on this forum) and boy am I pleased!! I used a communal darkroom that recently closed but the results I have got from my own are far superior! There really is something to be said about being in the dark by yourself!! Thanks again Paul

-- paul owen (, March 17, 2001


Congrats, Paul. How about letting us know what your final choices were regarding equipment, etc.?


-- Doug Paramore (, March 19, 2001.

Found myself a used LPL 7451 with 2x diffuser boxes, all format neg carriers from 35mm - 5x4 and a wall mounting kit. Boxed with only cosmetic signs of use at a LOW PRICE!!! Combined this with a mint 80mm Nikkor and an even "minter" 150 Rodenstock Rodagon, again very cheap and still boxed.(As a matter of interest darkroom kit in the UK on the used market is real cheap-most seem to be going digital). Due to a shortage of space I am using a Nova 20x16 Quad in place of trays and a Nova archival washer, both bought new I'm afraid! Got some nice LPL easels at half price and a few bits and pieces and I'm a happy bunny!! Regards Paul

-- paul owen (, March 19, 2001.

Paul: Sounds like darkroom heaven to me. If you don't get good prints out of that darkroom, you oughta' take up golf or needlepoint. Congratulations on putting together a fine darkroom.


-- Doug Paramore (, March 20, 2001.

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