Where can I get really good enlargments from 8x10?

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I've moved up to 8x10, and I am in love! My contact prints are astounding. I don't think I have ever been so excited. But they are just contact prints. For years I have done all my own processing, in 4x5 color and B&W. I need a really, really good lab. One which uses the best materials. I am especially found of the fuji crystal archive FA, and the Ilford Graded Galeria (but I would accept just regular fiber) I would like prints at least 30x40. I don't have a clue where to look. Does anyone have any experience with this? thanks! -Mando Morlos Where does christopher Burkett have his images processed?

-- Mando Morlos (mandomorlos@hotmail.com), March 16, 2001


Mando -

A friend of mine in Seattle gets his 8x10 inch work done at Photobition Seattle (formerly Ivey Seright). He has had enlargements of his color work enlarged to 40x50, and has been very pleased with their work. Their web site is at http:ivey.com.


-- Alan Agardi (alanagardi@sprintmail.com), March 16, 2001.

From Christopherf Burkett's "Intimations of Paradise":

"I print all of my own work, spending ten or more months every year in the darkroom. . . . There are many subtle and important decisions which have to be made each time an image is printed, which is why I will be the only one ever to make my exhibition prints for sale."

For those wondering about the technical side of Burkett's process:

"(With my larger darkroom) I am now able to print 30"x40" images, which is the size that most of the work looks best. I now have over 1,000 square feet of darkroom space, in three rooms, with another 2,000 square feet of work, office and storage space. In my darkroom I use a DeVere 10x10 horizontal enlarger with a 5,000-watt closed-loop color head, and a 42" Kreonite Cibachrome processor. Plans are in the works for future expansion of the workspaces."

.,.,.,., .,.,.,.,

-- Simon (simonfairfax@aol.com), March 16, 2001.

Unless you spend as much time in the darkroom as Christopher Burkett, the best results for large color prints of the size you are envisioning will be obtained by high-end scanning and digital printing (most likely Tango scanner/Lightjet printer). There are a number of vendors which offer this service now, including Bill Nordstrom, West Coast Imaging, and Nancyscans (search on google for their homepage). I had good luck with Bill Nordstrom.

-- Q.-Tuan Luong (qtl@ai.sri.com), March 17, 2001.

I use Borge Anderson & Associates in Salt Lake City, Utah. They do a good job and hand printing from 8x10 negs is normal for them. They also do an excellent job with mounting the 30x40 and larger prints.

-- Dan Smith (shooter@brigham.net), March 18, 2001.

May I offer a recommendation of using Imperial Color (312-421-3338) at 219 N. Carpenter, Chicago, IL 60607. They are a professional lab and will undoubtedly be able to assist you or guide you to another source. I have used them to convert images for Pro CD. They work with many photographers in Chicago and often do work for Playboy, so you know their quality must be good.

John Bailey

-- John Bailey (Mdwphoto@aol.com), March 19, 2001.

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