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I recently tried Nero 5.5 to convert avi's to vcd to view on my apex dvd player...Nero takes the avi and converts it and burns it ok..the video is great but i have no sound...i don't see any settings in Nero for audio..i used the defaults other than changing resolution format from pal to ntsc..any help would be greatly appreciated...

-- James Kirk (, March 16, 2001


I'm surprised u even got video!! Isn't VCD supposed to be an .mpg? How did Nero even burn an .avi as a .dat? I think u should first convert the .avi to an .mpg(VCD compliant of course!) then use Nero to burn it as a VCD.

-- SwackHammer1 (, March 17, 2001.

Nero will burn a video CD but it does not convert files. You need another program to convert your .avi files to the Video CD standard. Ligos makes a software package that will do it for around $200 US. I use the Broadway card by Data Translation, it does a great job of capturing in the video cd format in real time. check out for goodies that will capture in or convert to mpeg. Ligos takes 4 minutes to convert a one minute .avi file to mpeg and they say this is a fast program.

-- Steeler (, March 17, 2001.

Nero 5.5 will convert AVI to MPG/DAT. But of course you can't go to Ahead for why it doesn't work unil 5.5 is officially released!

-- John Smith (, March 17, 2001.

Other than being able to encode AVI to MPG, anybody aware whether or not this 5.5 finally supports full menu-driven VCD/SVCD authoring??

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, March 18, 2001.

Got this from

What’s new in Nero 5.5 Nero Wave Editor Say goodbye to complex external editing applications—the new built-in ultrafast Wave Editor makes Nero your all-in-one editing/burning solution! Look at these features:

Non-destructive editing lets you try many options and undo all changes. A range of audio-processing options gives you complete control over your audio files before you record them to disc. Real-time “audition” lets you select and hear effects in real time, as your soundfile plays. Preset Manager lets you save your frequently-used settings. Sample format conversion, anti-aliasing filters, dithering, noise shaping... and much more!

Advanced Nero Cover Designer Design your own CD graphics quickly and easily with Nero’s updated Cover Designer. The Designer helps you produce impressive, professional-looking layouts for your CD booklets and inserts. The Cover Designer includes:

Assorted graphic effects Customizable design templates Multi / Maxi album support Predefined paper stocks Starter label pack (in Retail Package version)

Nero MPEG 1 Video Encoder The DVD format has revolutionized home video. Recordable DVD is still in the future, but the Video CD and Super Video CD formats are available now to home movie-makers. For some time, Nero has allowed you to make VCD and SVCD discs from MPEG files—but Nero 5.5 goes much further.

Until now, Video CD creation was a time-consuming process requiring multiple applications. With Nero’s new high-quality MPEG 1 encoder, simply drag your AVI video files into your CD layout, and Nero converts them to MPEG! Your disc is then ready to be burned as a Video CD, playable on your PC or in compatible DVD players.

Aspiring directors can also use Nero’s new VCD/SVCD menu-creator for basic video authoring.

VCD/SVCD Menu Creator Now you can add onscreen menus to your Video and Super Video CDs. These menus are like “cover pages” for your discs, making it easy to select tracks for playback. Your menus can even include...

music—viewers can “groove” while they select their “grooves” “thumbnail” previews—small, clickable still-images from your tracks

Audio Plug-In Interface New audio formats appear all the time---and Nero helps you keep up with them. Nero 5.5’s Audio Plug-in Interface makes it easy to create your own custom-written support files (DLLs) for the new formats of your choice. Programming knowledge and extra third party tools required.

Embedded Nero API Well the famous Nero API (Application Programming Interface), takes on a new meaning when Nero 5.5 is installed on a computer. If you’re a programmer or software developer, you can now use Nero 5.5’s Embedded API to add our powerful CD-writing functions to your own applications. All this without even opening Nero! Of course for the ultimate in control, Nero 5.5 is never far away.

Nero Toolkit Including:

Nero CD Speed Nero Drive Speed

Nero CD Speed Nero CD Speed is a CD-ROM benchmark which can test the most important features of a CD-ROM drive:

transfer rate, seek times, CPU usage, burst rate, DAE quality, transfer rate, spinup/spindown time.

Furthermore, Nero CD Speed has a function to check the exact write speed of CD-Recorders from the first to the last sector of a CD-R/RW.

Nero Drive Speed Nero Drive Speed is a utility to change the read speed of CD-ROM drives and recorders. High speed drives can be very noisy when running at full speed. This can be irritating when playing multimedia files such as MP3 or video files. Reducing the speed not only reduces the noise but also decreases the spinup and spindown times. This can greatly improve playability of games who need to access the CD-ROM drive.

And more—including True multitasking recording engine simultaneously records up to 32 CD- R/RW drives ** Record verification option ensures crucial data precision Virus Checker * scans the files of the compilation before burning to CD Advanced Nero Imagedrive * enables users to view or run the contents of an image file through Microsoft Explorer prior to burning CD Extra format pre-mastering support Win NT4/2000 security select which users are allowed to burn under Win NT4/2000 – no administrator rights required anymore * only available in the Nero Retail Package ** special edition of Nero 5.5

Just In! This is the latest info I recieved from Ahead...

"We're already working on improvements to the Mpeg 1 encoder for the final 5.5 release. Regarding Mpeg 2 encoder, this will be available in a few weeks time. Unfortunately because we have to pay a patent/royalty fee to MpegLA (the Mpeg licensing body), we can't include it free with our standard version."

-- (, March 19, 2001.

Go shag your mum motherfucker this program is worth shit BITCH I work for ahead and you will regret ever having this non released version fuckers!

-- James (Rimmer66) Klaven (UK RULEZ!) (, April 09, 2001.

I did try burning a VCD using Nero 5.5 from my AVI captured using my LifeVideo 98 under win2000.

The MPGs coverted by Nero seems to be corrupted ie I get the blotches and the audio is patchy. Looked at the AVI and it looks fine.

I tried using an avi2vcd program to get the mpg and burning using Nero, I get the blotches again. The mpgs look fine pre burning.

Any ideas?

-- Chai (, May 06, 2001.

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