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After having our site yanked for suspected abuse by Tripod, a long wait for a response from them and our subsequent reprieve, we're pleased to announce that Team Triangulations is online.

If you'd like to view out page and application video, go to We're happy to receive comments (mostly!) at

Hope we all know soon, Paul S

P.S. we don't know of any abuse, but then again we haven't checked Jeff's HTML non-printing text.

-- Paul S (, March 16, 2001


Tripod wins second round...please play again...

-- Dan Denney (, March 16, 2001.

Looks like didn't type the URL correctly and got the standard Tripod error message.

Please be advised that the URL is: it is NOT:

The page won't load without the "/" on the end. Computers are funny like that. But thanks for the oh-so-constructive, but misguided comment. ;-} JC Captain, Team Triangulation

-- JC (, March 16, 2001.

Your page was probably removed for abuse of fellow JYW applicants. Geeeeezzzz lighten up! It's not his fault you use tripud.

You've got all your pictures set as basically uncompressed jpegs. If you compress them (as jpegs are designed to be) even to 80% then they'll only take half as long to load but still look great.

(formerly Agent)

-- Uncle Orange (, March 16, 2001.

Oops, I think I worded my reply a bit too harshly. My intent was not to blame anyone for the fact that we use tripod. Actually, I had only hoped to point out, in a moderately humorous way (albeit fairly dry humor), that the tone of his post was not neccessary given that it was his error. With that in mind, I found his post to be quite ironic. I found that irony to be funny. I am sorry if I came across too strong. People have always said that I have got a "unique" sense of humor.

Paul didn't post our URL in order to start a flame war. Honestly. We are looking forward to getting to know the other teams. I have been impressed by all of the sites and videos that I have seen so far and wish nothing but luck and goodwill to the rest of the applicants.

Thanks for the comment about compressing the images. I will compress them soon and repost the files to facilitate faster downloads.

Have a nice day, JC Captain, Team Triangulation

-- JC (, March 16, 2001.

J.C.,that was a very nice response. Don't worry about the flames-- we're all a bit scrappy here. Hope to see you on the show!

-- The Harebrained B.R.O.T.H.E.R.S. (, March 16, 2001.

Nah...I just did a cut-n-paste...

Guess I didn't cut enough...

See, I didn't hafta flame back. Once you're in the RAT (Really Anxious Teams) PACK, you have people watching your back. This only goes away for maybe ten hours in June. This is a good group of folks! (Watch for Ron though, he wears clashing pumps in his video)

Your site will be linked to ours tonight if the URL works***evil grin***

Welcome to the fray!

-- Dan Denney (, March 16, 2001.

Uh...Either I must be an idiot or Tripod is overloaded with porn pages...

I did it three times, checked the address and still get the ole 404 failure...

It is


-- Dan Denney (, March 16, 2001.

Clashing pumps huh, I was just lucky to find some that fit. One of the guys wears a 12 1/2 mens and we still found some at the resale show. I do appreciate the attention you have paid to the video. I will tell the costume designer that an Oscar is not in the future. I hope it is true that any press is good press.

Keep talkin about us junkyard whores.


-- Ron Lesseraux (, March 16, 2001.

Now THAT'S the video...

Three concrete workers looking for women's shoes at Goodwill!!!!


I gotta go drinkin' with you guys!

-- Dan Denney (, March 16, 2001.

Hey where's that cool site gone? I havn't looked at your video yet!

-- Uncle Orange (, March 17, 2001.

I am in the process of posting the site content to:

I may be able to post it Sunday, but it probably won't be until Monday morning since the site archive is on one of my laptops at work.

Tripod yanked our site a few weeks ago, then,after 2 weeks sent a very nice note explaining that an automated "abuse robot" removed our site by mistake, but they had restored it. Then within a day they went and removed it again! I guess "you get what you pay for" I'll post again when I have this mess worked out... Thanks for your interest. JC Captain, Team Triangulation

-- JC (, March 17, 2001.

Correction to the last post. The new site will be:

Y'all enjoy the rest of the weekend. JC

-- JC (, March 17, 2001.

Mindspring will treat ya right! Ours been working flawlessly (except for the content flaws I put in***lol***)!

Good Luck!

-- Dan Denney (, March 18, 2001.

That could be a great advertising line, "the site that was banned TWICE by Tripod... See it now in the full (un) censored version! Machines with no clothes! ahhhh, praps not

-- Uncle Orange (, March 18, 2001.

Thanks to Tripod kicking us out TWICE, I just moved our site content to:

Please let us know what you think.

PS. this one works with or without the trailing "/" ;^}

-- JC (, March 19, 2001.

Team Triangulations and the Crazy Canucks are officially linked!

Welcome to the webring!

-- Dan Denney (, March 19, 2001.

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