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I just wanted to say that first of all i think its rediculous to expect us to study for a quiz and write a research paper that is all to be done at the same time, especially the day before spring break. I understand that we have to do some work, thats not my problem. I also think its rediculous to have someone fill out that two page form. My main "complaint" is that it doesn't seem to many of us "i hear people talk" that this class has been put together very well. This format and topics and round about ideas just being thrown about aren't beneficial to the class. There has to be a better way to instruct or make the class, sorry but less boring. We are talking about THE GREAT LAKES, one of the worlds most beautiful and interesting sights, the class should be taught as though it is. I'm sorry for anything that may be hurtful or misunderstood.


-- Jason MacCormack (jmaccorm@hotmail.com), March 16, 2001

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