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I'm a experienced climber thinking of making yosemite my summer home and am looking for any and all inside information regarding housing and employement in the valley or in outlying areas. I have looked at concessioneers websites, and heard that the tent villages suck. I want to find a job that allows maximum daytime climbing hours, espescially in the mornings, and ample/flexible days off walls. I have never been to the valley but am a solid 5.11 trad climber and could be willing to commit three to six months to the massive monoliths I have yet to lay my hands on. I would appreciate any information. Thanks, look forward to seeing you on the cliffs. Sincerely, Victor Best

-- victor james best (, March 15, 2001



-- --Wayne (, March 16, 2001.

hola amigo...

So it is your time to make the pilgramage, eh? The YCS website will set you up, but the best thing to do is come to the valley WITH money so you don't have to work. The valley has a time honored tradition of groveling and guerilla biving, but the internet is not the place to dish out the beta. Everything will fall in line once you get there, just get there!! I think that if I worked fro the YCS I would get a paycheck or two, then disappear onto the big stone for the rest of the summer.

Cheers Brent

-- brent from colorado (, March 27, 2001.

Well there are ways to live in the valley rent free. I stayed there six months and didn't pay one night of camping. Save your money, $2000. should last you a good long time. Working in the valley does leave time to climb. No Show and your out of work. If you need a job. Check out on of the towns local. As far as how to stay rent free. If we tell you then everyone will know. All you have to be is a little smarter then the rangers. Or find a ledge close to the ground or float a raft in the middle of the river. Just hang out and get the scoop and you will have a long summer of great climbing.

-- Craig Stevens (, April 08, 2001.

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