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Hi there everybody! Just a short note to welcome you to my discussion forum on my management studies.

Maybe I should give you some background info about myself and this discussion forum....

My name is Ben, originally from Norway, but I live and work in England. I work in hotel management at a small luxury hotel an hour west of London.

In February 2001 I started my Certificate in Management course from the Open University. Over the next 4 years I will do the MBA through the OU, and the current course is my first step on the road to the MBA.

At the OU we have our own forums in First Class, not everybody I know have access to it, and since I like to involve my friends in this I opened up this forum.

So here we are..... Can't wait to hear from you!

Talk to you soon! Peace & Love, Ben

-- Ben C Danielsen (studies@bcdanielsen.com), March 15, 2001

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