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I really enjoyed looking around your site. I visited it for the first time today. You have some great information available and I appreciate that. However, I want to point out one usability issue with the All Recipes web site. I had to move my mouse around all over the page to find links. Specifically, I had to hover over all the text to find out the links I wanted. I was surprised several times by what was, and what was not, a link. I'm not insane about using underlined blue text, but that might be helpful. Perhaps it would harm the "visual design" but I think it might help the usability. I'm sure there is a middle ground (e.g., you could simply underline all the non-obvious links).

I'd love to get your feedback.


- John

John S. Rhodes -- Industrial Strength Usability 607-427-WORD (9673)

-- John S. Rhodes (, March 15, 2001

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