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How about bringing the show to Canada? I know tons of people who watch and also who would be great for the show. You have a large fan base here in Canada, also no more American shows. The British contestants at least have personality

-- CC (, March 15, 2001


Hey now, Americans have personality. From the looks of couple of the audition videos some of the Americans have several personalities!

-- Michael (, March 15, 2001.

We Americans have MULTIPLE personalities......comes in handy sometimes.Especially when you don't want to take responsibility for the bad stuff. Brits are just jealous because we have cars that actually run....and we all know that warm beer originated out of necessity---you know, Lucas Electric! And as far as the Canadians go....well, I won't stir things up too much ay?? Take off you hosers!! Maybe indulging in a bit of rabble-rousing will get everyone's mind off of the whole "short list" preoccupation!! BRING IT ON!!

-- carrie stamper (, March 15, 2001.

Canada? Wait a minute.....That place sounds familiar. Is that the place north of the US? That's the place where frozen snot was invented, eh?

-- John Gap (, March 16, 2001.

Didn't some survey find that 50% of all US high school students couldn't place the USA on a world map? heheh u guys r funny ;)

-- Uncle Orange (, March 16, 2001.

Just think...A JYW World Championship...go Canada go!!!!

-- Paul Dryer (, March 16, 2001.

A word of warning to my fellow Americans: You may not want to engage the Canadians in a battle of junk yard wits: They race snowmobiles across open water IN THE SUMMER while we sit inside and watch TV. (They are very brave when it comes to doing stuff with junk.) Still, I think and International Junk Yard Challenge would make for quite a season, don't you? How many teams compelte in one season? How many countries could be represented? And how do we make this an Olympic event??

-- Chip Haynes (, March 16, 2001.

Hey, I want to see Canadians in this competition. I love Canada. But why do they always have to let us all know" Hey I'm a Canadian" eh? Just be a person!

-- John Gap (, March 16, 2001.

Hey CHIP, meby you sit inside all summer and watch TV but i don't. I stand around my shop,drink cold beer and share my wisdom with anyone who will listen. Ocasionally i might weld something or hit something with my tim allen signature hammer but im not sitting while i do it. To be totaly fair however i do own a 61" big screen but i only watch it for medicinal purposes.

-- joe perdue (, March 18, 2001.

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