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I have a Plextor 10X12X32 Burner. Using Nero. I create a VCD. When I play it on my Home DVD player (a Pioneer which is VCD capable) It starts to play fine. About 1/3 of the way through it starts to get all full of little square boxes all over the screen. Part of the movie is visable but it is full of these squares all over it. The DVD player is new. Anyone know if the problem lies in the Media, DVD, Nero, or the burner. Thanks Mike Ps If possible can you email a response to

-- Mike C (, March 15, 2001


The squares are called Pixellations. That comes with the VCD territory. Brief explanations: In order for the compression to work. Scan lines come in even and odd. VCDs drop one or the other. As the picture is moving. The old frame is still there as the new frame begins. This is what causes the pixellations.

So your problem? My guess. A DVD player reads from the center and out. 1.) your original copy may had a smudge mark in the middle of the disc. which the burner burned thru but not clearly and copied that onto your copy. 2.) the laser on your player can't focus on this Cdr media. {I have this problem a lot when I use Cheap CDrw. Yet when I change to a different brand. Same movie it was gone.} It spins faster in the center than it does on the center than the out side. So it may be seeing over the flaws until you get to the outer edge. 3.) Can be the player. If it's new the laser may need to be centered to read the pits. Exchange it for another one. 4.) you nailed it. It can be all three :( (Take your copy to the local video store and try it out. If it plays fine it's the player) (make a back-up of the MPEG and take it to another friend and have them make a VCD of it and try it. A different sample on another burner) (Switch to a different Media Cdr or Try a Cdrw they always seem to work.)

-- thepest (, March 16, 2001.

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-- Mike C piss for brains (, March 16, 2001.

I had that problem, but I found that using high quality cdw disks solved the problem of pixellation - or breaking up squares.

Also having a higher buffer on your cd writer helps.

-- Ian (, March 16, 2001.

i have a samsung 48.24.48 burner. using nero.i create a vcd by nero wizard. when i play it on LG dvd player (vcd capable). dvd player can not show my vcd.thank you very much if response to my address.

-- hooshang iravani (, April 17, 2003.

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