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As my interactive VCD projects get more complex, I notice VP4 does not save the project files correctly. References to mpeg files are lost upon reopening the project. Anybody getting this problem? Is there a work around? VP4 is the only prog I have to do this job and I'm desperate and frustrated that I can't save my project.

Any help is appreciated. Thx

-- rixng huang (, March 15, 2001


hmm, i have never had that problem with vp4. I have made some crazy mass menu and rootings before. Are you moving the mpeg clips around in your system?? As whne you open a project it looks for that mpeg file and if you do move it from one folder to another, depsite it being on your PC, this will cause problems--

-- Doug (, March 15, 2001.

No. The mpegs are not displaced. It's a mix of mpeg tracks, and mpeg files (meant for the segment area). It can burn fine. Just that the project loses all references to mpeg tracks upon reload. References to segment play files are there. (I check the CPJ file in wordpad.) I can't be sure but may be when I started copying and pasting some containers references to the mpeg track gets trashed. Specifically the [MPEGs] section goes missing together with the entry points section. Strange.

-- rixin huang (, March 16, 2001.

Possibly. I never use containers, as i dont see a point ot them. If my menu screen loks haywire and is complex i leave it that way without using a container, i then save the project and have never had a problem

-- Doug (, March 16, 2001.

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