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Can you make a U.F.O.

-- Eric (, March 15, 2001


No you can't. If you made one it wouldn't be unidentified would it?

-- Dpry (, March 15, 2001.

Aw c'mon...The expert could be anyone from "3rd Rock"...

-- Dan Denney (, March 15, 2001.

or Fox Mulder!

Melanie M.

-- Melanie M. (, March 15, 2001.

Sure...a woman would bring him up...

-- Dan Denney (, March 15, 2001.

Maybe not a UFO, but certainly a UJYO- Unidentified Junk Yard Object. The teams would NOT be given a specific object to build, but would have to decide what to build themselves. This might be the perfect championship contest, since each team would probably decide to build something different, and it would be impossible to seed the team with that expert as the fourth member. The team that builds the best working example of what they set out to build wins. Who knows- They might actually build a UFO!

-- Chip Haynes (, March 16, 2001.

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