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Hi. My name is Sarah Melnbrink and I'm writing this as a Do Now for my internet class. My idea is to have players build a.....solar powered boat, that can be sailed acrossed a lake. Thank you for your time.

Sarah Melenbrink

-- Sarah Melenbrink (umssm2001@yahoo.com), March 15, 2001


I really like your idea for building solar powepowered boats. There are lots of possible designs that teams could build. There is a good website at www.ecotopia.com that has several possibilities. I do have some questions Should teams be allowed to use batteries or peddle generators to boost the solar panels? Would teams be allowed to form the solar panels into sails and get a boost from the wind? Should the boat only be powered by solar cells? This is a great suggestion.

-- Joe Pressel (demwits@earthlink.net), March 15, 2001.

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