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We are a buisness in WC1 london and have been told by Easynet that BT has already run out of bandwidth in our area and has to upgrade equpment ADSL is very sensitive to how many users/speed, so does anyone know of any cable companes or indepednet phone companes in the WC1 area of london.

-- David (, March 15, 2001


Have you confirmed this with BT and do you have a timeline for a fix? If they do have a bandwidth problem, it is not worth you looking at ADSL in your area until it is fixed.

The only cable providers I know of that are "UK wide" are NTL and Telewest, which of these is your local provider?

Have you looked into leased line access, tried other ADSL providers or tried SDSL providers?

I maintain the UK ISP category that has subcategories for ADSL, Cable and a small Leased Line category.

A leased line search within the UK results in 28 listings:

Most of the larger connectivity companies are listed in the DSL category:

If you have any luck in this, please tell us.

-- Michael Bluett (, March 15, 2001.

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