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In the episode Utopia or Deuteronopia there is a scene in which Trevor, while watching Aeon behind glass, (supposedly unbeknownst to Aeon) asks Aeon to turn around and look at him, which she then does. At first you are led to believe it is a coincidence, but then Aeon holds up the small piece of cloth from the dress Trevor has hidden away, meant for her, and seemingly makes eye contact with Trevor, to his surprise. This scene seems to indicate Aeon has ESP...Also, in the Herodotus file is a letter from Gekman III in which he writes to Aeon, "Your ESP is rawhiding me nonstop"; does anyone else realize this is an element to Aeon's mystique?

-- Barb e. (, March 15, 2001


Its shown more clearly in "End Sinister" where the alien teaches Aeon and Trevor to use it for useful communication. I think that Aeon although probably adept a the extra sensory arts, is more like an amazing stratagist. She knows how the world works, thusly she knows Trevor is watching.

-- (, March 15, 2001.

I always thought that the moment that Aeon looked into the camera was just a coincidence. She would have known Trevor would be spying on them.

-- William (, March 16, 2001.

Yeah, Aeon just knows the system too well. She knew Trevor would be watching the entire exchange between her and Gildemere, in fact, that was the entire point of the episode. The fact that she turned to the camera just as Trevor asked her to was a coincidence.

-- Matthew Rebholz (, March 16, 2001.

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