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What is on your desktop right now?

-- ElaineMc (emc@iland.net), March 14, 2001


14 music CDs
$4.16 in change
Three notepads
A pad of post-it notes
Three pens
A salt shaker
A container of oyster crackers
Tarot cards
Nail polish [Creme Scandale, FWIW]
Small bronze owl

-- ElaineMc (emc@iland.net), March 14, 2001.

Oh, geez, I think the question is what's NOT on my desk. I've got cd's. Speakers. A joystick that we never use. A phone. A Palm V. Programming books. Pictures. Webcam. Bills. Glasses. Water Bottle. Squirt bottle (to punish errant kitties). Stationary box. Sunglasses. Post-It Notes. Hole puncher.

And then there's the pile of papers that we SWEAR we're going to sort through and make sense of some day...although, I know that it will never happen. A girl can dream, though....

-- Leigha (lcarter00@austin.rr.com), March 16, 2001.

My computer. An empty tin. Dental floss. Stationary. A watch that doesn't work. Ear Drops. Saline solution for dry nasal passages. A scissors. Address label. A bill. Tums. A pen. A nail file. A newsletter from my HMO.

Is there a theme here?

-- Karen (ktopinka@execpc.com), March 16, 2001.

At work: A laptop computer, with attached keyboard, mouse, monitor, and palm charger. Four boxes of tea. A kleenex box. Enough paper to drown a landfill. A Far Side calendar. A beanie baby lizard- thing (soon to be joined by a smaller purple beanbag lizard thing). Um. *thinks* A little bowl of chocolates. (Mmmm.)

At home: ye gods. At least four stitching projects (in various stages of completion); a random assortment of books, including dictionaries, both English and German/English; a personal CD player (sans headphones, which are off with the walkman, which is in my computer case.) Papers, bills to pay, old bills, old mail, a couple of checks that need cashing. Two hard mints. Thirty-seven cents in change. A necklace from India, from my sister. God knows how many pencils and pens. Did I mention the papers? A Calvin and Hobbes cartoon book in German. Graph paper for practicing kanji. Scissors. Um, this computer, obviously. A phone, which needs batteries, and a clock radio, which doesn't. A beanie baby seal, the purple lizardlet that's going to work with me tomorrow. A vibrating happyface (if you don't know, don't ask). A tiny little valentine bear. A Spice Girls doll that looks like Jenny Calendar, except that I haven't managed to wash all the glue out of her hair so it's sticking up in odd ways.

-- Miriam (mrrocke@ucdavis.edu), March 18, 2001.

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