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Ok I have done a search and haven't come across this idea yet, but that does not mean that it has been listed tons of times in the body of a message.

My idea is to have a bank vault that needs to be broken in; inside there is a safe that needs to be transported out. You can have 3 concrete walls, and an iron bar front. The idea is to limit the access to the safe so it is not just a matter of driving a bodged up truck to it and using some lifting gear. Instead teams will have to decide if they want to break through the concrete walls (requires boring/drilling/wrecking techniques) or saw their way through the bars (can't use any of the provided power tools). Then they must devise a lifting mechanism that allows them to remove the extremely heavy safe through the hole they just made. Obviously the larger the lifting mechanism the larger the hole they have to make. Lots of design challenges, potential for flames, power and mayhem.

Best of all they can have two of these vaults built, and see which team can break in, and remove the safe in a head to head contest.

Let loose your slings of criticism now!

-- Conrad Maher (, March 14, 2001


I like it! I think it has lots of potential. The vault area can be very tall so the teams could make a tall crane to drop down and pull the safe out or must break trough the walls. The teams should also have to open the safe once they have extracted it. The teams could have their choice of one tool to bring on they safe extraction buggy.

It would be fun. I hope there are lots of cigars in the safe.


-- Ron Lesseraux (, March 14, 2001.


Ron loves it when a plan comes together...

-- Dan Denney (, March 14, 2001.

This has good potential...

Do you like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or Die Hard?

-- Dan Denney (, March 14, 2001.


-- ram lie (, June 09, 2001.

actually this sounds like a killer idea it wouldnt be worthwhile if they didnt have to open the safes like the underwater one but above ground yeah also the should actually have to break into the safe no wussy keys and bolts lol

-- scott sonon (, June 10, 2001.

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