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I just checked this whole site out, and my question is: Why dont we do a WHOLE framing campaign instead of just in Seattle or Portland? Ive been pestering you guys or at least everyone that I can get there phone numbers. Im getting the same answer, no answer or it takes a long time to do this! 40-50 guys are out of work here inEugene I just called Portland and they said 300 guys not working thats just commercial! What about the Homebuilders assc.? These big developers that build all these townhouses and apt? Why arent they Next? Look at all the concrete under those buildings, all the drywall, these people that own these places make Bank! Why do we go to Safeway and not get called to go into the feild? Theres not room in Commercial for ALL Carpenters, And isnt Heavy Commercial more dangerous? And my last question is, Dont most Carpenters go home to houses? Ive heard weeks of answers, Most from people that are getting paid and have a job, but yet no answer as to when. Id hate to see another year go by and hear that we put up a fight for the Snaptie Connection and all there concrete. And then drive out to the tracks and talk to the guys and find out theyve never been approached. It hurts,and it makes me mad. The time is now,today not tomorrow not next week these are sayings for big companies. I was told things move slow in our big organization, thats why i pulled out my 401 so I can pay my bills since we cant do things today but as my organizer said in a feww months. READY WILLING AND ABLE ED Phillips 1273

-- Ed Phillips (, March 13, 2001

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