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Ok, Its DROOL time for me.

I just got a Konica Hexanon 15mm f2.8 UC lens from an outfit I bought about 3 weeks ago and boy, am I excited!

All the lenses from this outfit are just top mint (never used) condition and that goes the same with the 15mm f2.8 UC. I have ALWAYS wanted a 180 Degree full frame fisheye, but could never afford a really great one for my Nikon, they are just soo expensive for a good one. But I got lucky and got one for the Konica SLR.

It is a very impressive lens. Quite heavy from all the lens elements, and really solidly built and just oozing with quality. Its nice and bright at f2.8 and its WIDE, really WIDE, like WIDE+++. It also has 4 built in filters: SKY/UV, Y52, B8, R60. I am not sure what the #'s mean, but they are clear, yellow, blue and red. What is neat is as you turn each coloured filter (lets say red), it will go from clear to orangish red to red and back again so really, you have the whole shade scale of red in there too. Very impressive. The focusing is super and only takes a 1/4 turn to go from infinity to .5' (.15 meter) and everything from 3' out is in focus at the infinity range.

The really cool thing is the lens cap (haha, yup), it is a slip over type and ofcourse is the oringinal Konica one. I don't think I want to loose it because I'd never be able to replace it. I have never seen one before.

The front lens element doesn't curve out as much as I have seen other fisheyes do, it is almost near flat with a normal curve to it. The rear element doesn't stick out beyond the safety of the mount and there is almost no danger of scratching it (great design!). The lens has it own "built in" hood that protects the front lens element as well. Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to give it a 10 out of 10 just for its design properties. Now, for the rear test and to shoot some photos with it!

I will post a review of this lens up here when I get the photos back and get to use it in the field.

Thanks Konica for the wonderful full frame fish eye UC lens!

Mike LePard

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2001

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