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i got a 57mm 1.4 len. but it has a problem of indicating over explosure about 4 stop. does it fit to konica ft-1 body?

i choose konica slr system that is very difficult to buy and repair. i never regret because i like 40mm and 57mm len very much.

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2001


Answers: Problems with 57mm f1.4

Hi Yi-Hsiung,

Usually, the lens doesn't cause over exposure, but the SLR can. To check if your lens is working properly try:

1. Seeing if the aperture blades on the lens move quick and snappy. If they do, then the lens should be OK. If the aperture blades are slow, and sluggish, or have signs of oil on them then its the lens.

2. Without film in your camera, try looking though the back film door though the lens and see if the lens aperture blades respond quickly when you use the camera at different shutter speeds. What I do is check the light meter (lets say it says: f8), then I'll open the back film door and look though the lens as film would and see if the lens opens and closes properly.

3. If all that works fine, see if you are setting the film speed correctly. If it is 400ISO film, and you have proper mercury batteries (if you have a T camera) then it should be set a 400ISO not 100ISO.

If you are finding it hard to buy anything for your Konica system, let me know what you need I have a few extra items and will ship to you anywhere in the world.

Mike LePard

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2001

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