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At various times at various places, the sport of shopping cart racing pops up and burns brightly for a while before submerging, only to surface elsewhere. The general rules are 1. The majority of the framework must be made from an actual shopping cart. 2. Electric power only. 3. At least two of the original solid rubber wheels in contact with the racing surface at all times. One article I saw a while back in a magazine showed a bunch of guys racing inside a large, empty supermarket. One man's cart was so highly modified and powerful it would lay blackmarks and had a top speed somewhere north of 50 miles per hour. :) The general starting point is to cut away the basket, using bits of it for "bodywork" and the handle as part of a roll bar or cage. A JYW episode like this could secure shopping cart racing a permanent following. :)

-- Gregg Eshelman (, March 13, 2001


If they run this as an challenge, all the supermarkets will have to put Lojack systems on all their carts to keep them from disappearing!

-- Mark Richter (, March 14, 2001.

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